Setting Your Zones in Training Peaks

Prairie Performance Triathlon November-December 2021 Update

Now that everyone has completed their first FTP: Functional Threshold Power test of the season, we are ready to customize our zones in Training Peaks!

For those of you that haven’t yet completed the field test: We do a 20-30minute progressive warm up, that goes from easy up to goal test intensity.  Then take 5-10minutes easy spin.  The actual test format we use is 20 minutes for best average power and HR. for indoor cycling, this test gives reliable results for shorter indoor rides and intervals and is easy to reproduce.  For moving to outdoor riding in the spring, these results might be just a little on the high side if you’re getting ready to do long intervals early in the season focused on half or full IM type events.

The data you’ll need from the FTP test, is ideally the 20 minute average power and average HR. However, depending how this test proceeded for you, you might want to look a little more closely at how the second half went as this might be a little bit more realistic view of your actual threshold.

Below are a couple of links to Training Peaks that will provide specific instructions on how to use the test data to set up your zones. Once set up, when you look at workouts in TP, or receive workout notifications, the workouts will be customized to your Power zones based on the workout percentage of FTP that has been programmed. This provides a great guide for knowing how hard to push during a Lambert Submax test, or Zone 5 intervals.

Setting your Training Zones in Training Peaks:

How to set your Zones:

Zones Calculator Overview: