Last Week of Workouts

Hard to believe that the last event on the Triathlon Manitoba Schedule is about to take place in Riding Mountain. So far the weather looks great for the race day. Riding Mountain is always a fun way to end the season. The National Park offers something a special that we just don’t see at other race locations…Hills, the ability to see the feet in front of us during the swim and the likelihood that we will have time to celebrate the season on site following!

PPT will offer a taper type run and bike workout this week at the normal times and venues. These are the last official coached workouts of the 2021-2022 season. There will continue to be some workout suggestions posted in Training Peaks. These will not be focused on a particular race, but will try to provide some ideas for cyclo cross training and run builds for people that might be looking to participate in the WFPS half marathon in October.

The club will be looking to host a wind up/AGM in the early fall to begin planning for the next season.