You read that right, we have our new kit ready for the summer season. The Prairie Performance Triathlon Board has been working diligently with Jakroo to produce an awesome looking kit for 2023 that features our new logo.

For this first kit launch, we kept it simple. We have jerseys, tri-suits, technical t-shirts and running singlets. But don’t worry, we have plans for a fall/ winter clothing launch as well, so if there is something you would like that is not featured right now, let a board member know!

Now to get to business. The order deadline for this first kit launch is April 28th! So if you want in on discounted kit, you need to order within the next TWO WEEKS.

The starting discount level for all team members is 20%. As team members place their orders and reach the next discount level, the price automatically drops for everyone, even for those who placed their order before the drop. Final pricing for each item will be based on the highest discount level achieved for that item. Payment is processed after the close of the order period (April 28th) so everyone receives the same low price, regardless of when your order was placed. Yes, it’s that cool! AND we will receive our kit two weeks after the order deadline. FAST looking kit and FAST service.

If you miss the order deadline, you will still be able to order kit anytime throughout the year. However, the kit order will only be at 20% off, so if you want in on a higher discount, you need to order BEFORE APRIL 28TH!

And a sneak peak at this season’s look…

You’ll have to check out the store to see the other items for purchase!

You can also access the team store through the Jakroo website, just type in “Prairie Performance Triathlon.”

We hope you like the new kit as much as we do,

Kelsey, Pat, Christine, Clarice, Don & Jay

Prairie Performance Triathlon Board