Update for Week of April 17th

Hello PPT!! We are committing to moving workouts outdoors beginning on Tuesday April 18th.

Tuesday: Outdoor Run Workouts at 6pm. For April these workouts will take place at St. James Collegiate Track. We will re-evaluate this location for May. Please be sure to bring a bike lock if you ride your bike over. Water bottle and gear for all types of weather.

Wednesday: Outdoor Bike Interval and Paceline workout at 6pm. For April these workouts will begin at the Shell Gas Station at the corner of Roblin and Dale, just inside the perimeter. This start location will eliminate trying to navigate through the city as a group while the streets are still covered in gravel, puddles and potholes. Rides will proceed west of the perimeter either on Wilkes or Roblin depending on conditions and the workout. We will plan to update on Wednesday which direction the group is headed for anyone that might be arriving late. Please ensure that you’re dressed properly for the weather; your bike is in good working condition; you’re equipped with food and water and have the necessary materials to change a flat tire (even if you’re not quite sure how to do it yet!!).

Saturday: Outdoor Bike Endurance Ride: 9am Start each Saturday until Race season begins in June. Ride distance will vary person to person based on fitness, and race goals. Ensure that you’re properly prepared for the distance you’re planning to travel (Food, water, repair kit). The start location for the ride each week will rotate, this will be announced via the PPT What’s App Chat and at Wednesday workout Prior to Saturday Ride.

Sunday: Outdoor Endurance Run: 8:30am: This is a continuation of the winter long runs, Just with the move to Sunday. Runs will continue until Race Season begins in June. Locations will be updated during the week via the PPT What’s App Chat.

Last indoor bike workout will take place on Sunday April 16th at the Winnipeg Rowing Club. At this ride we will be discussing how to properly be prepared for outdoor riding: Clothing, fuel, hydration, Safety gear (lights), and if there is enough interest we will do a flat tire repair clinic….so if you’d like to bring tire levers, we’ll show you the technique. Please also bring along any questions you have about outdoor workouts.