November News!!

We are now into the first week of training for the new season! It’s hoped that everyone has had enough of an off season or recovery period as they need as we re-start. Believe it or not the recovery is more important than the training this time of the year!

Our workouts will begin as rather polarized training. This means an emphasis on aerobic work, lots of technical skills and some short bursts of speed. Not exactly triathlon specific, but I know too many people planning their first race for January! So plan on lots of easy riding and running with a few short fast efforts.

If you haven’t already figured out swimming for this season, now is the perfect time to start! Swimming is great for full body exercise, gives the legs a good rest (ie if you just did a half marathon, or raced CX), lower injury potential and builds great aerobic fitness. Some of the better options available in the city include the Triathlon Manitoba Swims, Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club, and Manitoba Marlins Masters. But of course, a city pass can be just as valuable!

If you’re not quite ready to come back to hard training, now is the time to join! Shorter workouts, more time to socialize, getting in on the ground floor (so that when workouts do progress you’re ready!). The sooner each athlete begins to develop their training routine and consistency, the more successful their season will be!

Beginning on Saturday November 11th our Outdoor Long Runs will begin at 8:30am at Big Sky Run Company at 194 Tache. We hope that the central location of this store works for many members from different parts of the city to connect. This will also provide some new and unique running routes for everyone to experience, whether it’s along one of the rivers (Red, Assinboine, Seine), or through a historic neighbourhood (St. Boniface, the Forks, Old St. Vital) or the parks in the area (Churchill Drive, Lyndale, Whittier), and of course easy access to the River Trails once frozen! By starting our runs with Big Sky, there will also be someone your speed to run with, a new person to chat with and cool run stuff available for purchase! A PPT coach will be in attendance each week to greet members, answer questions and run!

Pat and Jared are at the coaching helm again this season to ensure a healthy balance of Running, cycling and Triathlon instruction and guidance. Please feel free to approach them at workout with questions. Workouts are all available on Training Peaks this year. If you’re not familiar with the program, please ask.

Keep your eyes peeled for a few social events coming up in later November and Early December!