The new season starts soon – with in-person workouts!

Welcome back to in person workouts!!

Training for the 2022 Manitoba Triathlon Season with PPT is going to begin on Sunday November 7th at the Winnipeg Rowing Club!!

Prairie Performance Triathlon coaches will be planning workouts for the indoor season in three week blocks. The workouts are planned based on a ‘reverse periodization’ model which means there is a great deal of emphasis building up the athletes top end and technical skills early in the season.  Short sprints  and skills followed by progressively longer and more race specific intervals as we get closer to transitioning outdoors. This makes the best use of our limited indoor training time and keeps workouts interesting. 

The indoor season plan is built around preparing athletes for events on the Triathlon Manitoba Schedule. Sprint and Olympic Triathlon distances dominate the schedule. With some minor modifications to the training, athlete can also tackle the 70.3 race distances.

For athletes looking to tackle unique events, longer distances, or that require specialized training, the coaches are available to answer questions at each session or can offer consultations and personalized coaching in addition to PPT club memberships.

PPT in person workouts for Fall and Winter of 2021-2022

  • Sundays: 8:30am at the Winnipeg Rowing Club: Join us for one of our classic Sunday Brick workouts. 90-120mins on the bike followed up by a run along the Red River. Also included as a part of the workout will be an Endurance based core/injury prevention/Stability/mobility circuit. All attendees must be fully vaccinated.
    • Doors will open at 8:15am
    • Equipment you’ll need for this workout:
      • Stationary bike trainer (We recommend that you don’t bring a trainer that requires an electrical outlet as very few are available). Towel for catching sweat. Personal cycling clothing and footwear. Full water bottles and nutrition. 
      • For the run: Outdoor running clothing suitable for the weather.
      • For the circuit: Yoga Mat, clothing for the circuit.
  • Tuesday: 6pm at the University of Manitoba James Daly Fieldhouse. Build up that speed with a run on the 200m indoor track as you gradually build up that speed endurance.Gain access through the main entrance to the field house. The UM will require vaccination cards and ID before you’re permitted entrance.
    • Equipment: Indoor running clothing, full water bottle, running shoes and a yoga mat (optional).
  • Wednesday: 6:30pm at the Winnipeg Rowing Club: Indoor Cycling workout. This is a mid week special.  A 60-90minute bike workout designed to drive up that FTP during the winter so that you can hit the road flying in the spring!Door will open for vaccinated PPT members at 6:15
    • Same cycling equipment as Sunday.
  • Saturdays: 8:30am Outdoor Endurance Run: The group will meet in all weather conditions through the fall and winter at the duckpond shelter in Assiniboine Park.  Run distances and paces will vary based on individual fitness, goals and conditions.

Training Peaks:  The complete PPT Training Program is available to members on the Training Peaks platform.  Once your membership has been processed, an email will be sent with instructions for gaining access to the program.  Programming will include two bikes, two runs, two swims and a strength program and will be posted with an explanation in three week blocks.