Training Block 1 Begins November 7th

Welcome to Prairie Performance Triathlon!!

The first day of the 2022 training season is approaching and already we have one obstacle to overcome. Daylight savings time. The doors at the Winnipeg Rowing club will open up at 8:15am…But remember it’s a “FALL BACK”, so if you forget to change your clock, it’ll read an hour later!

This is Block 1 of the Indoor Season.
Each training block is 3 weeks in length. During each of these three weeks we will either do a step build for the first two weeks, or two steady higher volume weeks. Early in the season, like now, we more often have two consistent training weeks as intensity is a little lower and the focus is on building up some base volume with little bursts of intensity and some technical skills. The third week of each block is focused on regeneration and recovery. This means slightly lower volume but intensity maintenance during the week.
Plan on learning the rhythm and routine of workouts while getting back into the swing of a regular schedule, or finding a schedule that will work well for you.
Track workouts on Tuesday will have short efforts and building with some circuit/core efforts built in. We are looking for building aerobic volume while putting a little bit of emphasis on speed production/muscle recruitment to encourage the neuromuscular system to activate: Teaching the brain to talk to the muscles so they can communicate quickly and effectively. Skills involved are related to muscular balance, running technique and track etiquette.
Bike workouts: Becoming comfortable in our new space at the rowing club. Learning how to efficiently manage set up and take down in the club. Once on the bike there is a heavy emphasis on riding smoothly. This means lots on one leg drills, rounding the pedal stroke and fast cadence work.
Long runs: Easy aerobic volume is the plan for these, with a few little burst added in. The biggest challenge is to find a couple of people that comfortably run at a similar pace and learning how to dress for the many different weather conditions we’ll experience the next few months.
Swims: PPT doesn’t operate regular swimming sessions. If we did, our club membership cost would need to double or triple! Pool space is hard to come by and quite expensive! However, there are lots of good pool options that are available!
Manitoba Master Aquatic Club
Triathlon Manitoba Swim Program
Windburn swimming
Mid Can Masters
Marlins Masters
Costs range widely on the above programs but they all offer excellent supplementary swim options.
Training Peaks programming includes two swim workouts each week. One is a more technical focus, one pushes a little more volume.
Strength: Training Peaks includes space for a resistance training progression within each block. This evolves as the year progresses.

If you’ve got race goals or other questions, please feel free to reach out to one of the coaches at a workout. If you’re looking for more individualized programming or specific feedback in your Training Peaks account, please arrange a meeting with one of the coaches.